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It is a growing trend that MANY other communities and clans are dropping their DayZ SA servers. This is something we will have to consider as well. 


For the next 30 days, I will be monitoring the situation with our DayZ SA server. As of right now, Server populations across the entire DayZ community in general is down due to lack of patch support and game breaking glitches and bugs. It seems that many people are losing interest in DayZ in waves and many servers are going down due to lack of population. We are not immune to this either.


As you may have noticed from the News post today that patch 45 has been pushed back. Which I am sure will push more people to lose interest and play other things. The Devs are trying but lacking as far as keeping everything patched such as God Mag glitches and hackers. Which is another variable in the decline we have been seeing. 


Please note that these declines do happen every single time there is a long pause between patches. 


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As of 9AM this morning we now have a DayZ server. Something that a lot of our members have been asking for since day 1. 

Please read more about the server below =) 

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Hey guys. I have two topics to discuss. The first is, we have the donations fixed now. The old system was not too fluent and caused a few headaches. I also want to add a server or two. Please continue reading for more information. 

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