NKE - Gaming brings you a great and public Teamspeak 3 Voice server for you to enjoy.  Join to connect with players that enjoy the same games that you do and to better coordinate team tactics! 





Server Features-

Our Teamspeak server features a few neat services to help our users communicate and share better. 

• Public Channels that do not require Voice Permissions to talk. 

• [NKE] Server group for our most active and most loved users.

• Moderated channels that require Regular server status or Voice Permissions to talk. To cut down on spammers and unwanted Voice communication from guests.

• Ability to create your own temporary channels.

• Access to the File Transfer Center. Upload and share Images and helpful resources for other players and users.

• 24/7 active (Behind the scenes) server management via our server robot. (Temporarily Down for maintenance)



Our Teamspeak Staff consists of friendly and very helpful Server Admins and channel helpers. 



• Jax (Bobby)

• RedFury (Tyler)

• MattR (Matt)


Server Admins

• LaWL (Rob)

• Demoncutter (Robert/Rob2)

• Colossall (Jake)

• Vietnamese Jesus (Dennis)

• Oridostyle (Bryan)

• Jambana (Ethan)



If you have any recommendations for upgrades or added features for the server or to make your experience better. Please feel free to bring these up in our Teamspeak sub-forum or address them with our Server Admins/Founders.


If you are experiencing abuse in this or any of our servers. Please do not hesitate to report abusive behavior. Our administrative staff will look into your report and take care of it as soon as possible.

To report abuse, click here


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