Rules to join NKE:


• You must be mature (age 18+ preferred but not fully enforced)

• You must be an active member on our community forum

• You must be a dedicated member and love to play

• You must be respectful to other players, NKE Members and NKE Staff

• You must be a team player

• You must know how to have fun!


Community-wide Rules:


Breaking any rules that are highlighted can result in the following actions by our staff:
• Your immediate removal from our community
• Banning of your account from our website and all of our services
• No chance of an appeal for your ban
• Anything else deemed needed by our staff

• No use of in game glitches or hacking in ANY way, shape or form

• No Stream Sniping (using a users twitch stream to kill them.)

• No backstabbing other members

• No Cyber-Bullying

• No poaching members from other clans. 

• No backstabbing other clans.

• No DDoS attacks on steams, servers or websites

• No chat spamming, mic spamming or spamming your website, clan, server anywhere in any of our services

• Keep posted links, images, videos and music appropriate for everyone (Rememeber, we have members that are under the age of 18)

• No begging, period 


Rules are subject to change at any time without notice. 


If you feel that someone is breaking the rules please submit a claim. Our administrative staff will look into your report and take care of it as soon as possible.

To report abuse, click here


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