Hey guys, 

This will be the new home of our community. After a few weeks of toying and tweaking, we are finally in demo stages. All the same neat features from our old website now on our new one with a bunch of new and useful features! 


Please keep in mind

This website is still in a demo phase. We are looking for feedback on how to make the website better and easier to access. 

Please report suggestions and let us know of any broken links or errors in the comments below. (Yes you can comment now!)


Past members of the old website will need to register again. Sadly we could not keep the old database.


Please continue reading for more information on what this new website can do!


With the old features including New posting, Forums and server statistics. Our new website will showcase a few more cool features. 



• A complete website layout overhaul!

• Updated server listing

- Information about each of our servers, how to connect along with an admin staff list.

- "Report Abuse" Form. So you can report abusive behaviour pertaining to all of our servers

• Improved forum browsing

- Better forum orgainization

- Updated forum rankings

• Improved news posting

- Sharing via various social networks

- Enabled comments so you can comment on each news update

- Star ranking system so you can rank each news post. 

• Twitter Feed Side Menu

• Instagram feed Side Menu

• Featured games

- Lists of our frequently played games

- Basic pages showcasing these games

• Streamers menu

- List of featured and affiliated streamers. 

- Stream submission form. (If you are a streamer, you can submit info on your stream so you can become showcased on our website!)



We want to introduce more features as well. There are a few other ones we are trying to secure to make our website a very powerful resource to use. 


Don't forget to rate and submit your comments below!