Hey guys. I have two topics to discuss. The first is, we have the donations fixed now. The old system was not too fluent and caused a few headaches. I also want to add a server or two. Please continue reading for more information. 



First off. The Donations are not optimized and track much easier than they once did. This upgrade added the following features. 

• Added donation module with preset tiers. 
• Added "Recent Donors" This shows the last 6 donors. 
• Made the first donation to test the modules and kickstart it =)  

If you want the Recent Donors to show your username instead of your real name. You will need to be logged in while you are doing the donate process. 



Since I kickstarted the Donations, we do have a little money to work with. 

This means I want to acquire a server for us. 

I went ahead and started a poll on our forums to let everyone vote and discuss what kind of server that they would like to see. 


Please keep in mind that this or these servers will be maintained on donations. I will donate in as well but I will not be able to cover the full costs on my own. 

I want us to have some cool servers to play on but I will not be able to do all of that on my own. :( 


Thanks guys and I hope you have a great weekend!

Game on!