About Donations

A few people have asked what we do with the donations that you guys put forward.  We put all donations back into the community which means, every bit we received will go back into our monthly service bills and are put forward for cool events for everyone here! Extra money that we have at the end of every month will be put away to add new services or do more or better events for everyone.  


A simple breakdown of our current monthly service bills:

• Teamspeak Server (Roughly $8.50 monthly)

• Website, Domain and other website related fees ($7.08 monthly)

 Current Monthly Total: $15.58 

Any extra that is left over in the account will go forward to the following:

• Giveaways (You know we love doing these!)

• Service upgrades (Adding more player slots to our servers or other upgrades)

• New services (New servers ETC)



Future Services

Many of you have showed interest in adding new services so far and we would like to bring you these services. There has also been interest in bringing Rustalyptic (Our Rust server) back and as well adding a Counter-Strike:GO server. 


If you would like to see another server/service added please recommend it to one of our founders. We will take all recommendations with serious consideration. If you have any further questions about donations, again please ask our founders. 


 All donations are appreciated and you can click the button below to submit yours. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and consider a donation!


Amount $10.00

Latest Donors

Name Amount ($)
Christopher Wood 20.00
Joshua Patterson 10.00
Joshua Patterson 30.00
RICO 10.00
Ryan Bishop 10.00
RICO 10.00